From frequently asked questions to TL;DR and everything in between: 

How is Good Peoples different from other property management companies?

- We take time to create personal relationships with the homeowner and the tenant and get to know the property. We are approachable. We pay attention to unique nuances of the property. We operate with integrity. We’re responsive. We care.  

How much do you charge to manage a property and what services are included? 

- Please see Pricing & Services for an overview of pricing and see below for a more in-depth explanation of each service.  

Which neighborhoods do you offer your services in the borough of Brooklyn?

- At the moment we offer our services in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Boerum Hill, Brooklyn Heights, Bushwick, Carroll Gardens, Clinton Hill, Cobble Hill, Crown Heights, Downtown Brooklyn, Dumbo, Fort Greene, Gowanus, Greenpoint, Park Slope, Prospect Heights, Red Hook, Vinegar Hill, and Williamsburg. Please let us know if your neighborhood is not included in the list above. We are always open to a conversation and doing what we can to work something out. We look forward to providing our services in additional neighborhoods as we expand our reach!

Do you manage Airbnb's? 

- Please call us at (646) 926-1698 or fill out the Contact Form and we'll talk!  

Who are you guys? 

- So glad you asked. Please see About Us

What is considered a "unit"? 

- A condo is considered a unit. A 3 family townhouse with 3 rental units would be considered as having 3 units.  

Tell me more about services in the STANDARD PLAN.

• Tenant Correspondence: we field all tenant questions and requests via text, call, or email. Alleviating the homeowner of any stress or worries. If it's something we can resolve without involving the homeowner, we will.

 24/7 Repair and Maintenance: we respond to repair and maintenance requests 24/7.  First, we inspect and diagnose the situation, then we determine the course of action. For minor replacements and repairs, such as batteries, lightbulbs, parts, and filters, we will happily take care of. For repairs that require a license or a specific skillset, we arrange for access, coordinate with tenants, hire Good Peoples approved personnel, and oversee the repair. For major repairs, we will involve the homeowner. We respond quickly and communicate throughout the entire process to keep the homeowner well informed. We can also arrange and schedule qualified personnel for one-off needs such as pest extermination, cleaning, snow removal, etc. Please note, the homeowner will be responsible for payment of all hired personnel.

 Quarterly Property Visit: we inspect the common areas of the property at least once every three months to make sure that the property is being kept in a good condition. We will not enter individual units if it's tenant occupied.

 Year End Summary: we provide a year end summary of all property related repairs and maintenance work done and expenses accrued. 

Tell me more about service offered in the CUSTOMIZED PLAN.

In addition to everything listed in the BASIC PLAN, there are various highly customizable services that can be included in the CUSTOMIZED PLAN such as

 Trash & Recycling: correctly bagging and moving trash and recycling from its bins to the sidewalk once a week on collection day.

 Common Area Cleaning: maintain cleanliness of the common areas.

 Snow Removal: clear snow from sidewalk and other common areas.

 Billing & Rent Payment: we will establish online ACH payment method where the rent is automatically deposited into your bank account of choice. We will also track rent payments and remind tenant to pay rent if necessary. If tenants owe utilities, we can add that to their monthly rent.

 Lease Renewal Preparation: we provide lease renewals to properly document lease extensions.

 Tenant Turnover: we inspect the property prior to the tenant’s move-out and inform them of potential deductions to their security deposit. Once the tenant has vacated the premises, we inspect the property again and provide a list of damages that should be deducted from the tenant’s security deposit and a recommended list of work. From painting, repairs, to cleaning, we will then assist with the list of work to get the property rental ready.

 Vacant Property Inspection: when a property is not occupied by a tenant, we make periodic inspections to ensure the property is in good condition. 

For CUSTOMIZED PLAN pricing and a complete list of customizable services, please call us at (646) 926-1698 or fill out the Contact Form!

What do you mean by "Good Peoples qualified personnel"?

- We only recommend personnel we've used in the past who have proven to be honest, fair, skilled, and reliable. Based on our experience we know what prices are for most services and will make sure the price is fair before passing that on to the homeowner. We are not the middleman and will not be taking a cut.  

When are monthly retainers due?

- On the 1st of each month.

What if I want to cancel your service?

- Simply let us know before the next monthly retainer is due. There is no obligation to continue if you don't think we are adding value! 

Do you refund the retainer after I cancel your service?

- Unfortunately, we do not refund retainers but we will fulfill our obligations until the end of the month. 

hello@goodpeoples.com    (646) 926-1698