About Us
Spoiler alert: this is not a love story.

Combining their experiences in hospitality, personal assisting, business consulting, real estate and property development, Good Peoples was started with the goal of bringing a Good difference in the world of property management to their beloved borough of Brooklyn!

Sam and Rachel share in this common experience with most New York City homeowners and renters: frustration with less-than-responsive property managers. But after managing properties as favors for friends and family who had moved out of the City, they realized that "frustration" wasn't necessary. All one needed was Peoples who cared.

At Good Peoples, our dream is that property managers would provide the same amount of care for the property and its tenants a homeowner would. We are the first line of defense against unnecessary stress. We field all and any tenant requests 24/7. We hire, arrange, schedule, and oversee Good Peoples approved handymen, plumbers, electricians, exterminators, cleaners, and others on the homeowner's behalf.* We're here to ensure the happiness of both the tenant and the homeowner!   

*See Pricing & Services for more detail.

hello@goodpeoples.com    (646) 926-1698